Mission and History

To Advance the Art and Science of Engineering

Mission Statement

Our mission is to 1) Advance the art and science of engineering for the general welfare of humankind, 2) Advance the welfare of the general public through the creative resources and abilities of the engineering professions, 3) Inform the general public of the advantages and capabilities of engineering in advancing human welfare, and 4) Provide suitable public recognition of engineering achievement through the coordinated efforts of: Academia, Corporate, Government Agency, Individual, and Technical Society Affiliates.

A Brief HistoryYAN_0639_slider

The Engineers’ Council was founded in 1955 as the San Fernando Valley Engineers’ Council (SFVEC) mutual benefit society through the joint efforts of the California Society of Professional Engineers, the American Institute of Plant Engineers, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.  The Engineers’ Council activities have evolved from a joint meeting of societies into today’s “Honors & Awards Banquet.”

Through the years, the SFV Engineers’ Council has presented thousands of awards recognizing outstanding contributions by individuals in our community and throughout the world in the fields of engineering, education, and special fields of work and public service.
 Proceeds from The Engineers’ Council annual Honors & Awards Banquet are used to fund scholarship, high school mentoring, and middle-school math and science educational enrichment programs the council engages in throughout the year.

The Engineers’ Council is an IRS 501c(6) Not-For-Profit California Corporation.

Current Engineers’ Council President 2013-2016

Sonja Domazet






 Engineers’ Council Presidents

1957-1969 unknown
Ÿ • 1970 William B. Johnson
Ÿ • 1971-1979 unknown
Ÿ • 1980-1981 Shiepe, Clifford B, PE
Ÿ • 1982 Higginbotham, Lloyd W
Ÿ • 1983 Hassel, William F, PE
Ÿ • 1984 Terry, Clifford
Ÿ • 1985 Roggero, Roland V
Ÿ • 1986-1987 Ritchey, James P
Ÿ • 1988 Russ, Harlan L
Ÿ • 1989-1990 Ratcliffe, A F
Ÿ • 1991-1992 Budica, Robert
Ÿ • 1993-2002 Higginbotham, Lloyd W
Ÿ • 2003-2005 Tarn, Robert B
Ÿ • 2006-2007 Landry, Paul F
Ÿ • 2008 Berbon, Patrick
Ÿ • 2009-2010 Charles H. Volk
Ÿ • 2011-2012 Kenneth G. Davis • 2013-2014 Sonja Domazet